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How Do You Make Bias Binding?

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by , 09-29-2012 at 11:07 PM (1294 Views)
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I've searched, but cannot find an answer on the board. My apologies if I'm asking a dumb question

I recently took a quilting class for a victorian table runner, but we did not get far enough to learn how to bind the darn thing. It has curves and inside angles.

I'm assuming it needs to be bound with bias binding, but I do not understand the tutorials I've found online on how to make bias binding.

I would greatly appreciate if you have any links or information.

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  1. Pamela M's Avatar
    By now you have probably worked it out for yourself, but anyway I googled it and whilst there was plenty to show one how to make it, I now know how to calculate how much material I need to have to make enough binding for a quilt. So in trying to help you I have helped myself. That was at For a quilt the binding piece is doubled, ie folded lengthways (which maintains it length), sewn onto the edge with 1/'4" seam and fold over onto the back and handsewn down. I does not look lie the bias binding that you see in the shops that you would use on clothing. It only looks like it if you pressed the shop one open with an iron. And even then the shop one would have to be folded in half lengthways. Hopes this helps anyone else who may have needed this answered as I guess you would have figured it by now. Cheers.

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