Another Charity Quilt - Finished!

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by , 06-28-2012 at 04:23 PM (836 Views)
I have done about 12 quilts for charity so far on my longarm so far this year. I have to admit, I enjoy doing freehand work over pantographs.

I have a group that makes a lot of scrappy pieced hearts for charity and I have been getting pretty good at doing hearts freehand. The one I did today had a lot of stop and starts because the maker of the top had put a sashing between the hearts. I did a wavy line in the sashing across and did some curly q's and hearts along the top and bottom, and a heart in each block. Then I unpinned and turned the quilt and repinned it on and did the side borders and the other sashings. It turned out pretty good - even if I do say so myself --- of course, I had to look up how to do the side and other sashings once I had the first part done - I was so afraid I was going to find out I needed to to them as I went along -- thank goodness for the book!

Quilt #13 is the same patchwork blocks, but I haven't looked at it yet to see what pattern the maker used.

Just when I thought I was catching up, they gave me ten more quilts to do!!! I am going to be busy for quite a while - I need to get these done so I don't get too far behind.

I love the practice. A couple of the ladies asked me if I was ready to do some for them and I just told them to look at the quilts I was bringing back for them to donate to charity and make their own decisions -

I am going to have to get my business license so I can get my supplies at wholesale prices instead of relying on friends who have their licenses to keep me supplied ... put that on my "to do" list ...
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