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Regarding the question about the block already quilted and would you use it in a quilt and cut it down or how would you solve the problem. I might make some smaller blocks to fill in so the other blocks would come out the same size as the larger block. Or cut the larger block down and stitch around the edge after it is cut. A third way would be to add borders to the smaller blocks so they were the same size as the bigger block.
By Ssnare

Thank you Ssnare for sharing your input with us. Good solution to the problem.

Jenniky...responding to the quilt blocks being different sizes...I've seen quilts planned with different size blocks. Here would be a perfect place for a strip of flying geese, simple four patch, or even a little block of applique If that's your thing. You would have to plan so that the entire strip of blocks would be the width of the quilt but it would be 12 1/2 inches tall all the way across. The beauty and fun of the quilting.
by Gardenergal

Thank you Gardenergal for sharing your input with us. Also a Good solution to the problem.

I do have an idea about your hypothetical question. If I had different sized blocks that it wouldn't change the pattern ta cut 'em down (& they are already quilted) I would.

1. Decide where I wanted 'em cut down, kinda like fussy cuttin', & draw that onto the block,

2. Then before I cut it out, I would sew a 1/8" inside the line ta stabilize it,

3. Then I would cut it out.

This would seam would be inside the seam allowance & would help ta keep the quilted lines from unraveling.
by Dublb

Thank you Dublb for sharing your input with us. Also a Good solution to the problem.

I would only emphasize the point that Dublb made regarding if you are planning to cut down the size of your block. She has listed excellent steps to ensure the integrity of the quilted block.

After each of our blocks are quilted and trimmed it is highly recommended to go around the edges of each block with less than a quarter inch seam.

I will blog this post to make it easier to find the replys. I encourage others to continue to give their input or questions regarding this hypothetical example problem.

Great Sharing Ladies. Thanks
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