Orphaned Blocks QAYG Challenge

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by , 08-22-2012 at 02:55 PM (1050 Views)
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I'm finished... I have to say WOW... I'm feeling really great about this quilt.

It was a wonderful learning experience from beginning to end. My corners are still not show quality according to Sharon Schamber's tutorials. But I have to say they are better than any corners I have made before. The stitching all around on my binding is excellent. I don't know that I could have really done any better. I think its my best hand stitching work ever.

The bottom border panel looks a lil droopy, I believe this was caused because I used a different basting technique (hand basting vs. spray adhesive) then the other borders.

Things I would do different. I need to pay better attention to how close my quilting design comes to the edge. The binding ended up covering some of the quilting. Also I think I would like to cut my borders 2 inches wider vs. the 1 inch extra that I allowed. Next time I believe I will be able to do a better job and aligning my sashing strips at the cross sections. I'm happy with them though for my first try. I will always use my 1/4" foot now for attaching the sashing. I had it in my head that because of the thickness of all the layers I had to use the walking foot. I know now this is not true.

The greatest new skill Im taking away from this project is the ladder stitch. I had never heard of it before I watched Sharon Schamber's video's. I am so very pleased with the neatly hidden stitches all around the binding of my project.

The experiment I did with the binding was using multiple fabrics. I saw a tutorial on You Tube some time ago and I couldnt find it but did what I could from memory. Here are the steps I took.

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