11-minute flowers .... 14-month quilt?

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by , 09-03-2012 at 08:22 PM (1399 Views)
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Way last summer I posted some blocks I had made using all batiks, based on the 10-minute block, with a slight variation to make them look like flowers. I did a short tutorial at the time (here's a link)

Well, I finally am finishing up a quilt made from these blocks. I still have to do the binding, but wanted to share; I'M SO GLAD TO BE (nearly) DONE! It's king sized, so it was quite a challenge to quilt on my regular sewing machine, even though I have one with a large harp space. I used the split batting method to quilt it, first doing the middle diagonal section of 5 large blocks, then adding the sides. I wanted this to me as much like a comforter as I could make it, so I used high-loft polyester batting.

Here's the best view of the pattern; the picture was taken when I had 2/3 of it quilted:

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Here it is on a bed. My room is too small to see the whole thing!

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The quilting in the side triangles shows up in this picture which is rather over-exposed:

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Here's a closer view of one of the large squares:

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And last picture: The Olympics were on while I was deciding what to quilt in my yellow centers. The Olympic logo style seemed to match the quilt perfectly, and I get the year permanently stitched into my quilt. My husband helped me create a template so I could repeat this design. In fact, he ended up buying me a small router and building me a small router table, so I can make templates out of thin plastic. He's a gem! Here's one of the centers:

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  1. BJquilt's Avatar
    what an undertaking, very colorful, nice piecing and quilting.
  2. sjbart's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing the finished design..very creative setting!

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