Dear Jane - Tiptoeing through the triangles - Left side

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by , 09-10-2012 at 09:08 AM (1127 Views)
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I believe I've shown some of the left triangles before, but this week I did triangles 5, 6 & 7. The tri's are not my favorite thing, especially when I try to use a striped fabric as in L7. Funny how it can look "OK" on the table, but when you take a picture - oh, yuck, so crooked! However, because it will be lying on its side it is not so noticeable!
Time to start Row G! (Just for a break!)

Thanks for following my journey!

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  1. dquilterguy's Avatar
    Kitsie -

    Members of Town Hall Quilt Guild, I am a member of group, are working together on Dear Jane Quilts.

    The pieces are so, so tiny... I was told the blocks measure 4 1/2 " , I watched one of the ladies working on these boarder pieces (which are bigger than the blocks) but still contain such tiny pieces..

    All I can say is ... my hat is off to you and them for attempting this quilt. I would not have the patience to work on one myself..
  2. GV09's Avatar
    Hi, Kitsie! Wonderful! I love your blocks! And you are so advanced to mi!
    Have a nice day! A big hug!
  3. Kitsie's Avatar
    Thanks Gladys! I'm not more advanced than you!! I've seen all the wonderful work on Dear Jane and the other projects you do!

    You really helped me with my applique. I also learned to use plastic curves (plastic that will not melt!) to put on the back of a shape like the melon seeds so I don't burn my fingers with the iron when I press the seam allowance under before I sew it! You can cut one curved shape that starts with a little bit of curving and then becomes more tightly curved! Do you like that idea? I did use a thin metal ruler, but my fingers got burnt!! If you like this idea, I could send you an e-mail with a picture. We cannot send pictures on Private Messages.

    Thank you my friend!

    Quote Originally Posted by GV09
    Hi, Kitsie! Wonderful! I love your blocks! And you are so advanced to mi!
    Have a nice day! A big hug!

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