Whole quilt basted with Elmer's school glue

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by , 09-19-2012 at 12:04 PM (957 Views)
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In the past I basted smaller pieces with Elmes's school glue and it was great. Tonight I basted the entire 80x60 quilt with it. Everything went smoothly (knock on wood) and I am going to leave it to dry overnight. It will be ready for quilting tomorrow. I hope it holds well. I will post my results. Keep your fingers crossed for me.
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  1. carolaug's Avatar
    did you mix it with water in a spray bottle?
  2. sueinstitches's Avatar
    That's so instersting let us know how easy it is to QUILT I THINK MY MACHINE WOULD GUM UP !
  3. iluvquiltin's Avatar
    Will you wash it after quilting? Otherwise it may attract silverfish.

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