Feeding my dog real food

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by , 09-25-2012 at 04:20 AM (1072 Views)
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I have decided to try to feed my dog real food instead of dog food. I have read alot about being careful you make up the mineral and vitamins they need.

Right now she still has dog food to eat and I have given her some cooked chicken and cooked ham and hamburger. She is a med to large dog and I am trying to get a handle on what is best for her.

The reason I want to do this is she is getting too fat on dog food and yet she whines all the time for snacks. Since I have started this she doesn't want the snacks anymore. She has been so much more content and not so antsy.

But I would like some feedback if anyone is doing this. I know she needs vegs and fruits but she isnt' too thrilled with eating them. I tried hiding some peas and shredded carrots in some ground turkey but she wouldn't eat much of it.

Any help would be appreciated. I have been reading online about this but still not sure I have a good handle on it yet.
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  1. grandmaof3's Avatar
    We gave our dog cooked chicken and brown rice and she seemed to enjoy it. Sometimes i added small diced carrots and used chicken broth to flavor it all.
  2. sassey's Avatar
    There are many re ipies on the internet for homemade food for our pets you look up the breed of your dog and will find many tips and healpful recipies
  3. sassey's Avatar
    Look up the bread of your dog and you will come up with links to diffrent sites that has recipies and diets for your dog. Maybe you can ask Crafty bear on this site she loves to surf the net and find sites about diffrent things

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