new floor for kitchen???

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by , 11-12-2012 at 10:36 AM (952 Views)
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i am in need of new kitchen floor.
thinking of putting down click laminate floor, but was not sure if you spilled lots of a liquid ( a cup), on it, would it leak into and ruin the floor.
i put similar flooring in two bedrooms and the hall, where you had to put down a seperate under pad. the floor in the hallway keeps moving and seperating, as you leave 1/4 inch around the outside so it can float, and FLOAT it DOES.
this new flooring has the under pad attached, so thinking it won't move. also was thinking of putting up tight against the cupboards and wall, so it couldn't move.
i have read on here where lots of you have put this in their sewing rooms.
my questions are, should i put this in the kitchen and also any and all suggestions for installation.
thank you all in advance for any information you have, pro or con.
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  1. adamae's Avatar
    dil had laminated wood installed in kitchen and adjoining dining room. It was beautiful but she didn't like the care factor and had it changed in the kitchen to tile. My sewing area is formal dining room and carpeted. It is okay but cleanup would be simpler with wood floor or tile. Now, I lightly sweep and then vacuum. Threads are murder on vacuum sweepers. I have to buy new ones pretty often.

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