The Adventure Continues

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by , 12-06-2012 at 05:23 AM (1993 Views)
While Hurricane Sandy is just a vague memory for almost everyone, those of us who lived by the sea are still in the middle of it five weeks later. We had a local contractor do a rip out for us -- they take out the floors and walls and dry everything out so that your home can be repaired. Unfortunately Sandy hit our little cottage with such force that it knocked it off the foundation and cracked several support beams in the ceiling. Our house is going to be torn down. It is just a matter of working everything out with lawyers, adjusters and the insurance companies so we will be able to rebuild one day. I hope. In the meanwhile, we are living out of trash bags in an apartment and my days are filled with phone calls and endless streams of paperwork. Sometimes it is hard to breathe, hard to think. Most mornings I wake up and hope that when I open my eyes everything will be back to the way it was before the flood, but it isn't and there is another round of impossibly endless tasks. But it's all good. I know that God has a plan. I can't imagine what it is at the moment, but He's got a plan and I need to trust Him.
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  1. Jingle's Avatar
    I think you are right, just hang in there and all will be revealed in His own time. I would never live close to any body of water. Just never know what might happen, I don't trust the weather and storms.
  2. giquilt's Avatar
    It is so wonderful the trust you have. I have been praying for you.
  3. theandersonhouse's Avatar
    Hang in there, it was hard when Al was hit with tornadoes in april, so many homes destroyed and lots of lives lost. But trust in God. He will get you thru.
  4. gwanma's Avatar
    I have been wondering about how the people affected by Sandy are doing. Is yours an isolated case or are there many still looking for a home? My heart feels your frustration and sadness and I hope that you can have some comfort in knowing that we are praying for you. hope you find a permanent home soon. Hang on to the Lord and keep your eyes open for the blessings. Easy to say...hard to do. But we pray that you will have strength, one day at a time.

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