Do You FMQ Feathers? HELP!

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by , 01-22-2013 at 07:52 AM (1413 Views)
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I need to learn how to quilt feathers for the current quilt I am quilting. I watched all the videos and thought I was ready... but my first practice piece (below, in brown) turned out HORRIBLE. If you are fairly decent at quilting feathers (FMQ, freehand, not with a longarm pattern) would you PLEASE post pics of your feather quilting here? I need some inspiration! And apparently, lots more practice.
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  1. giquilt's Avatar
    I just spoke to a friend who does the most beautiful feathers. She said think 1/2 hearts and you will do a good job.
  2. czpainter40's Avatar
    try going slower and follow back up your previous sewing lines i found this helpful but i too am still learning getting better with practice. Good Luck I know you can do it.
  3. volkman's Avatar
    Say I think you should pat yourself on the back,looks pretty good for not much practice. dont give up .
  4. Helen Rose's Avatar
    To say half a heart every time I make a feather is how I do it. Practice on blank paper or erase board making spines and feathers every day or night is important. Keep watching those videos on u-tube.
  5. buckingtrout's Avatar
    Odd as it seems... doodling on plain white paper drawing the design over and over is how I get comfortable tackling a free motion quilt pattern. I just keep repeating the pattern I want to do over and over until its second nature to draw. Then when I go to actually use that pattern on a quilt top I no longer have to think about where the curve or line needs to go and can concentrate on just keeping the pattern true to the size.

    The trick I use for feather vines (like your photo) is I put a dot of white chalk where I want the each top loop to be and where it needs to come back to the spine... I use these as a guide to know how much space to give each feather.

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