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UFO Challenge of the Month 2012

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by , 12-15-2011 at 10:57 AM (534 Views)
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By popular demand (again ), here is the official thread for the UFO Challenge of the Month 2012!

The way it works: anyone can be a member and there are no penalties if you're busy one month. Try to finish one UFO each month. Once it's finished, post a picture and description here. We'll ooh and ahh. Try to finish another one next month.

This can also work if you need ideas for how to finish yours or encouragement. I want this to be an area where we can support each other in getting through our UFOs for 2012.

A few rules/guidelines for the challenge:

"Finished" means all the way done and ready to use. If you give it away or trade it away, it counts since you're finished with it!

SWAPPING is NOT part of this challenge. If members want to trade between themselves that's just fine. I mean only that it isn't a part of this and should be done separately between individuals.

And the way I differentiate a UFO with a WIP - a UFO is something that you put down awhile ago and don't feel a strong desire to pick up again since there are more exciting things to do. So pretty much any of those projects that you put into your closet and forgot about qualify.

So everyone's challenge/goal: 1 UFO completed by January 31, 2012. Good luck! Here's wishing all of us good luck and LOTS of energy and enthusiasm in 2012!
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