Skiing Penguin Quilt

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by , 12-06-2012 at 11:04 AM (7180 Views)
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Size:  80.7 KBI taught myself how to sew in August and quickly became addicted to quilting. Since I started to quilt I completed two quilts from designs I found online. After my second quilt my younger son asked me to make him a quilt with skiing penguins but I couldn't find a design I liked. So I decided to take the plunge and design my first quilt. Here is the finished quilt!!!
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  1. Judith1005's Avatar
    OMG, this is the cutest quilt ever!!! It's awesome. It made me smile instantly.!
  2. PatriceJ's Avatar
    "cute" was the first word that popped into my mind, too.
    what a fun quilt!!!

    the design is a hoot.
    the workmanship is impressive.

    you have a real future in quilting.
  3. sewBit's Avatar
    So cute and fun..You're a natural.
  4. handquilts's Avatar
    This quilt is darling. I can't believe you designed a quilt so quick. You will go far in the quilting world.
  5. Retiree's Avatar
    I love your design!
  6. charity-crafter's Avatar
    Love the little wipe out at the bottom. So creative. Your penguins are really cute.
  7. Cheryl's Avatar
    Oh My I just Love your penguin quilt that is soooooo cute. You are doing a wonderful job of quilting.
  8. pntdldy46's Avatar
    THis is darling. You do the same kind of thing I do. I love to applique on top of my kids blankets and make them fun. Very cute idea. Kudos to you.
  9. carolaug's Avatar
    Love this...what a cute quilt!
  10. dajordanmsn's Avatar
    How very cute is this!!! Is this your own design? I just love it!! Thanks for sharing.
  11. yweinst's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by dajordanmsn
    How very cute is this!!! Is this your own design? I just love it!! Thanks for sharing.
    This is my own design. I made it for my three year old who really wanted skiing penguins. Thank you.

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