Would love to find out what pattern these 2 are

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by , 02-07-2013 at 09:22 PM (1002 Views)
I probably copied these pictures from another blog on this Quilting board? Does anyone know the patterns & where I could find them?

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  1. ClassicQuilter's Avatar
    The first is a Bargello I think. Not sure if I am spelling it right.
  2. Carequilts's Avatar
    Yes, Bargellos are beautiful. I would love to make one of these..twisted bargellos for a charity so that they can sell it and use the funds for their cause. I am not smart enough to figure out the pattern. If anyone has such a pattern to share, please post it. thanks
  3. lmoore218's Avatar
    Exactly! No way I'd attempt without a pattern on these.
    hope someone can share.
  4. charsuewilson's Avatar
    Second quilt is a lone star in the center, with the outer triangles replaced with New York Beauty.

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