What are my binding options for a Grandmothers Flower Garden quilt?

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by , 02-20-2013 at 08:34 AM (950 Views)
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So, I started this quilt a few months ago as something to do while my mother was in the hospital. I am sewing together the outside sections with the borders at this point, but I have no clue of what I am going to do for the binding. It's a large queen or a smallish king size quilt (I'm not really sure I just started working on it without any directions) made with ~2800 1" hexagons. I was thinking about just binding it as is, but I am not sure it that would work since the hexagons are so small. I don't really want to cut it down to make it square or appliqué on another border. What are my options?

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  1. soosan's Avatar
    Congratulations My family started one while I was in the hospital for a few weeks. They did the binding around each hex. When I made a GFG for my daughter, I made an extra row of hexes and then trimmed them off to make a four sided quilt. Hope that helps.
  2. Anita in DE's Avatar
    I love your quilt! If you don't want to change dimensions, just make a mile of black bias binding and attach it. Just make sure you have 1/4" around all of your hexes so it will be even on each one. I think the black you have used really pops your color choices. Maybe if you added a different color way for a binding it would take away from how pretty it is now!
    Just my eye talking to ya!

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