Using your credit card on line

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by , 02-20-2013 at 08:42 AM (703 Views)
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I just read the message about the credit card problem the people had in California. The man who sometimes works on our computers told me that every time I order something on line I need to go to Tools, Internet Options, Content and click on the box Clear SSL State. This will clear all your credit card information off so someone cannot come behind you and hack your card information. He said to do it IMMEDIATELY after you order. This would not have helped these unfortunate people, but might help someone else in the future. We have had our card hacked twice in 2 weeks from the same credit card company. They caught it each time and closed the account each time. This happened after they had reissued another card from the first incident. I quit using the card after that for another reason. Hope this helps someone down the road.
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