Red and White Stars and Log Cabin..quilted by Kevin

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by , 03-18-2013 at 02:23 PM (4628 Views)
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Beautiful customer red and white quilt...lots of stars and log cabins. I really like the outer border too. She said she collected red fabrics for a year in order to get enough for this quilt. Kevin put a Baptist Fan in the center of the quilt, stitched in the ditch on the outer border, and did a small freehand vine design in the inner border. Thanks for looking!

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  1. cctx.'s Avatar
    Awesome quilting to you; and the piece maker, awesome work too.
  2. SunbonnetSmart.com's Avatar
    Hello there! Can't take my eyes off of this quit, the colors and the workmanship. Thanks for sharing. Much Love, Fondly, Robin
  3. alrididn's Avatar
    Awesome quilt workmanship and colors. Kevin did a awesome quilting job and hats off to the piece maker. I have seen many Red and White Log cabin quilts but nothing like this. I love the borders. Do you know where I can get the pattern to this quilt so I can make it for my dad? I have not been able to locate one.
  4. lorryper's Avatar
    Beautiful quilt! Love the way the border is made. Awesome quilting too.
  5. lpsewing's Avatar
    Awesome +++
    Really like the pattern.
    Using a variety of red tones & white is amazing to look at.
  6. Kathy Osterby's Avatar
    I love reds and would gladly save them for years if I could to get that one!!!

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