First blocks for the Memories of Japan quilt - are they ok??

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by , 03-18-2013 at 03:08 AM (2288 Views)
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Hi everyone. I'm a beginner to quilting and I've just completed two blocks for the 'Memories of Japan' oriental quilt but I'm not sure if they look ok? I've posted pics of some of the fabrics I will use, some of which have large prints. The big prints have to be fussy cut but I think the finished blocks don't quite look right, maybe it's just me because of the prints. Here's a pic of the pattern quilt so you know what the finished one looks like. The sashing I will use is the gold fabric in the pic at the end.

My blocks with two of the fabrics:

A pic of some of the fabrics I'll use

Black border fabric and gold sashing:

All advice greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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