1953 Singer 15-91 Beautiful condition!

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by , 04-24-2013 at 10:57 AM (1332 Views)
I got a 15-91 on ebay for $190, it is absolutely in perfect condition, I have the receipt, barely used grease tub, button holer instruction book all like they were barely used. I took it to my local sewing repairman, he was stunned, he said he had NEVER seen an old machine more like new than this one. It stitches perfect. Love it.
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  1. Ms Grace's Avatar
    She's a beauty. Enjoy!
    I bought one a few months ago at a flea market for $25. Just about all the decals are worn. DH is going to refinish it for me. I asked him to paint it red.
  2. Weeser1's Avatar
    Oh my! She is a beauty !

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