Single Star Quilt

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Here are instructions to make a quilt with a single large star. The Star finishes at 48". Borders can be added to enlarge. The photo shows a quilt with 4" borders.

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There are 2 star colors and one background.

For a 48" star ONLY (no border or backing, but there will be enough for a scrappy binding):
1 1/8 yard background
3/4 yard star color A
3/4 yard star color B

From the background fabric, cut 4 13.5" squares and 4 12.5" squares
From both the main star colors, cut 4 13.5" squares

Make 6 pairs using the 13.5" squares as follows:
2 Sets one A and one B square
2 sets one A and one Background square
2 sets one B and one Background square

Make the HSTs:
Take 2 13.5" squares and place them right sides together.
Draw a diagonal line from corner to corner.
Sew a seam on each side of the line, 1/4" from the line.
Cut on the line
Cut the resultant HSTs down to 12.5"

Assemble the HSTs and squares using this picture as a guide:
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HST note: you usually add only 7/8" to the finished size to cut the starting squares, which would be 12 7/8". Because of the large size, I had problems, so I cut them larger, 13.5".
Background Yardage note: If you only have 1 yard of background fabric, you could cut the squares from all the fabrics at 11" and 12" (rather than 12.5" & 13.5"). Use the 12" squares for the HSTs, recutting them to 11" The squares will finish at 10.5", which would make the whole star 42" rather than 48".
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