Do you have an 'Eye for Color'?

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by , 05-06-2013 at 05:33 AM (1246 Views)
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I don't. If I go to a quilt shop and try and pick out fabric for a quilt that isn't a fabric collection, I make bad choices. I choose warm and cool colors that don't go together. I choose reds that are purplish and orangish. I choose greens that are bluish and yellowish. I can't seem to tell how wrong they are unless someone points it out to me and even then I don't see it.

I usually have to have the gal behind the counter help me pick out my fabric and lots of times I don't care for what she selects, so I'm stuck with lots of fabric I'll never use.

I am one of the people who buy quilt kits because I can see them and know i like the pattern and fabric. But I would like to choose my own fabric and pattern and make my own quilt sometime. So I have to buy fabric lines in order for my quilts to look nice.

Is there a way to 'learn' to have an eye for color?? Any tips? Anyone else out there that doesn't have an eye for color?
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  1. debbiemarie's Avatar
    If you find you don't have an eye for color, buy fabrics in a collection online or those precut jelly rolls, layer cakes etc. Those are professionally chosen. I have a great eye for color and I am very pleased with the selections.
  2. bookworm12's Avatar
    A very simple artist book on color from the art or craft section of bookstore should be helpful. Even one for children that has the basic colorwheel explanations. Few are lucky and have a natural talent but it can be learned!
  3. amelia0607's Avatar
    Do you possibly have some form of color-blindness? I only ask this because my husband picks out some of the most hideous things to wear together. He has a type of color blindness that causes this. Unfortunately not much he can do. No I just try to buy everything that will mix and match for him.

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