Valerie Ann

Yellow Brick Road pattern

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by , 03-30-2013 at 09:05 AM (1332 Views)


  1. buckingtrout's Avatar
    I have to wonder, that if this many variations of Yellow Brick Road are out on the internet if this means the copyright has been breached and a person could actually sell these quilts if they made them.

    I came up with the same exact pattern as Yellow Brick Road on my own one day when I was fiddling around with drawing on graph paper looking for a new design, and only after I had made my first quilt with my own pattern did someone comment to me that it was exactly/or almost exactly like the Yellow Brick Road pattern she had bought.

    Needless to say even though I have made this quilt, I haven't sold any because there is a copyright protection on the original artist's pattern that states this is personal use only.

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