I may be a lost cause

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by , 05-18-2013 at 05:21 AM (1471 Views)
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So I've given fmq a try and I can't seem to get it right at all. I even tried using a stencil and following the lines with my fmq foot and it went horribly. Just can't seem to get the hang of it. Only tried it for a short time , but I think I may stick to straight line quilting. Is it something that gets easier? Or is it one of those skills that you either have it or you don't?
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  1. whaney's Avatar
    It takes practice. I would guess it is more rare for someone to just try and be great at it. Make a bunch of 18" x 18" quilt sandwiches and practice some every day. I bet you'll improve!
  2. debbiemarie's Avatar
    I just started doing FMQ about two months ago myself, don't give up!!! I decided to make a quilt for my elderly mother -she doesn't see super well. So I decided to just keep on FMQ over the entire quilt. (Over a print, the mistakes didn't show at all) she loved it. THEN I went back to my little practice sandwiches, WOW I couldn't believe how much I had improved. It's worth sticking with it, I did a cool stencil with lots of feathery type stuff and a grid, I couldn't believe how much I improved. I will post a pic.
  3. debbiemarie's Avatar
    I just posted a pic for you in the blog tab.

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