I hope this is the right place for a prayer request

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by , 11-29-2011 at 01:33 PM (790 Views)
A very special young man I taught in middle school was in a terrible accident over the weekend. I am asking for everyone who will to pray for his recovery. He has a 4 month old son and beautiful wife who really need him. He is a very loved young man. We have people all over the country praying for him and the family. Please join us.
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  1. dee8556's Avatar
    Of course praying for him and a full recovery.
  2. vwquilting's Avatar
    Prayers and hugs.
  3. imdelagarza62's Avatar
    May the lord keep him and his family close in this their time of need.
  4. BarbM32's Avatar
    Prayers anywhere, anytime, do heal . I am a firm believer in the power of prayer groups as well as just your own.
  5. smagruder's Avatar
    Thank you friends. He came through the first spinal surgery and undergoes the second one this morning. I will try to keep you posted.
  6. smagruder's Avatar
    It breaks my heart to tell you but Chris passed away Saturday afternoon with his family by his bedside. He was totally paralyzed and had only a small amount of hearing. Even with people all over the world praying for him, it was not to be. God had a plan for Chris and I believe that part of it was to touch so many lives with his sparkling and loving personality. Thank you to all who prayed for him and his family. They will need your continued prayers to pass through the grieving process. My heart is broken as I always called him my second son. Thank you again.
  7. Jingle's Avatar
    I am so sorry for your loss and his Family too.

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