5yo GS left yesterday and I'd quilt if I could get out of this recliner!

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by , 08-03-2013 at 11:13 AM (919 Views)
We kept our 5yr old G-son for a week so he could attend Vacation Bible School--and to give his folks a break before new baby next month. My DH and I are so beat--we can't get out of our recliners! My most recent knee repair in June did not hold up to attempts to play soccer--or the zoo, riding horses, etc. He and I did a tie fleece blankie for him to take to a baby shower as his present. He still uses his "blankie" that I made him--drags it everywhere. Plus he thought that we should make him a matching "blankie" so he and the new baby brother would have matching blankies. Haven't even started on the actual baby quilt!

I really need to get going on either a quilt top or even more so on a long arm quilt--got a charity quilt on the machine before Nick showed up, ready to try out a new FMQ design I may use on a table topper for entry into the Guild show end of Sept--so I need to get moving if I'm going to quilt 2 quilts, plus maybe a 3rd before end of Sept.
I'm going with my daughter, via train, to Chicago, upstate NY (Syracuse and then Albany) and then Montreal & Toronto for 8 days--can't wait! But also means about 2 weeks that I won't be quilting either. So must get busy--think I'll have to crawl upstairs to the machines!

Those of you that live in upstate NY, Montreal or Toronto--ideas for favorite LQS? want to buy material that represents the areas visited--have an idea for a wonderful "around the world quilt" from travels.
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