Finally--quilt business gets going and victim of a fraud!!

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by , 10-25-2013 at 08:23 AM (1373 Views)
Just so pleased with myself--I FINALLY got over the hesitancy I have about marketing myself/skills and made contact this week with a high school I used to work at to place an ad in their sports program for graduation T-shirt quilts! No orders yet, obviously, but it's a start! And I also heard from my LQS that she has a couple of small quilts for me to work on and display in the shop--along with my business card. The owner has been very encouraging of me and just a good friend.

Now the fraud--over the last 6 weeks we've been getting emails in response to hay for sale that we posted on a state run "hay board". Very weird emails so we've been totally on guard since email one. Lady wanted to send us a check (cashier's) and we'd deposit and a hauler would pick up the hay and we'd pay hauler. Well, today FedEx delivered the check--looks legit, but we are having our bank check it out cause it would mean a sale of hay from KS to Calif.??? And she(US???) would pay more to hauler than for the hay.
Our banker agrees that it sounds pretty darn suspicious and as soon as she tracks down more info we'll be calling the sheriff's department. My husband is less concerned that I am that in meantime some "hauler" will show up expecting to take some hay and get paid by us!
I'll keep you posted on both!!
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  1. patski's Avatar
    beware of the check, many phony cashiers checks when we closed on a house they told us how many had been coming through. Trust your instincts

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