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finger mitts

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Finger Mitts Oven Gloves
Victoria White, The Secret Workshop

My young son and I both love these great finger mitts. I use them all the time instead of potholders and oven gloves for taking dishes from the oven and microwave. Alan (age 7) loves to use them for removing his toast from the toaster. Whatever the need, you will find these little guys come in handy. They are fast to stitch up and make a great gift!

Materials for two sets:

Fabric A 0.15 meters (1/8 yard)
Fabric B 0.15 meters (1/8 yard)
Thermal Batting 0.15 meters

(all seam allowances 1/4")

Print out pattern pieces and cut as follows:

Finger Mitt main section:
Cut 2 from Fabric A
Cut 2 from Fabric B
Cut 2 from Thermal batting

Finger Mitt Top section:
Cut 4 from Fabric A
Cut 4 from Fabric B
Cut 4 from Thermal batting

(1/4" seam allowance)

To Complete the Finger Mitt Top Section:

Take one piece of Fabric A, one piece of Fabric B and one piece of the thermal batting. Place Fabric A right side face up, place Fabric B on top of Fabric A right sides together. Place the thermal batting on top of this. You should now have a sandwich with Fabric A right side up, Fabric B right side down and the thermal batting on top. Stitch along the straight edge (along the top). Turn to right sides, press and topstitch. Do the same with the three remaining Finger Mitt top section pieces.

Take two of the Finger Mitt top section pieces (place the other two to one side for the second mitt). Place Fabric A from the Finger Mitt main section down, right side up. At one edge, place a section of the Finger Mitt Top, matching edges on the curved section. Pin or baste in place. Now do the same with the second Finger Mitt Top section and the opposite end of the main section. Pin or baste in place. Next take Fabric B Main section and place on top of Fabric A, right side down. You should now have a sandwich with Fabric A main section, the two piece finger sections and Fabric B on top of this. Place the thermal batting on top of all three then pin in place. Stitch around the outside of the Finger Mitt top section starting and ending at the "X’s" in order to leave a section for turning. Turn to right side through the small opening in the side. Press. Slipstitch opening close and top stitch around the entire outside if you wish.

Repeat the above on the second Finger Mitt.
Make lots give to friends and family to enjoy!
Fun, Quick and Easy.

More information on The Secret Workshop

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