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Just the basics.

Quilter for 10+ years, married, in my early 30s with two kids (E is 3.5 and J is 2).

Just got the kids down for naps and now is my time to quilt. Currently quilting a SnW fan for my Sis-in-Law that was never completed for her wedding five years ago.

Otherwise I am busy researching home school curricula for the boys for winter. Not because I really want to engage in learning at this age, but when the snow starts to fly, we need some indoor activities. Last year was hard because we went from playing outside everyday to boredom quickly.

I have narrowed my choices to Little Hands by Heart of Dakota and Winter Promises pre-K. I want activities, good books, and no workbooks. Five in a Row was just too much repetition. I will be making weekly trips to the library on Thursdays to round out the bookshelves.

The whole "problem" with making some choice is that the oldest can read already, and so many preschool books center around learning the alphabet. Been there, done that. DH also wants the kids in private school. It will be two years before oldest can go (age cutoffs)to Kindergarten and I know what curricula the school uses. It appears that he will have mastered and moved beyond the K offerings way before we can enroll him.

Understand that we do not push him to learn, but go at his speed as he indicates interest in topics. So what to do with a 4 yr old who can do the 1st grade work, but is too immature to sit through a day of traditional school?
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