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Today is a new day

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by , 11-02-2011 at 09:38 PM (1291 Views)
I was thinking about moving over all my old PDA - then I thought new board, new day ... so what to do ?? I think I will move some of the old stuff to use as a learning tool

I am sadden to hear so many are discouraged by the changes on the board. It reminds me of when I first joined the board it took me forever to learn it all - heck it was almost 4 months before I figured out chat - but I stuck it out and kept tinkering til I figured it out and boy was it worth it ! Hope others find it that was with the new board , worth the time to tinker
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  1. CoventryUK's Avatar
    I agree with you Sharon...none of us like 'change'!!! I admit I felt 'lost' at first! I am not really computer savvy...but I've been playing and tinkering and bumbling along and think, in time, all will become clear!! I suppose we all feel the 'old' board was like a comfy pair of slippers and this format is the 'new' we have to wear a bit to mold to our liking!!!!!

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