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by , 11-02-2011 at 06:08 AM (894 Views)
Well, I am finding things, but am having a hard time with the background coloring as far as reading, even with my PC glasses it is still a strain. I don't want to change my monitor setting for every site I go on.
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  1. debbieumphress's Avatar
    Hello, I found your blog. Looks like everyone is trying to figure it out. I already have mine halfway....need to learn the little things like how to post pictures and delete. I have had tons of pm's and thins telling me about everything and have to figure it out on my own. Brain overwhelmed. LOL. Hope you continue to post. I was telling NP3, we had to learn in February those changes and now we have these. In a month we'll be like it's all old news and posting away. Maybe, I am still checking it our. So far my blog is going and lots of posts. Have a great week. HUGS♥♥
  2. BeeNana's Avatar
    So good to see you here in blog land. I see that you are moving some things over from you pfa. Good idea. We are learning together.
    Have a good evening. I have been out and about most of the day.

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