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Over a month since my last post and so many things to share. Let's start of with my quilting trip at the end of September. Quilting Around Chautauqua occurs yearly at the Chautauqua Institite, Chautuaqua NY and is comprised of classes, lectures, quilt show, venders etc. It is a growing regional event. This years featured speaker was Jinny Beyer. She is one of my quilt heroes, someone whose work inspired med to start quilting and from whom I have elated so much about the traditional methods. Yes, she makes all her quote by hand and is award winning. She owns a quilt shop, designs for RJR, and has authored several books. I want to be like her when I grow up!

Any way, husband watched the kids so I could travel to her lectures. It was well worth the time. I have read all the information before, but the visual demonstration of techniques was invaluable. I wish I could sit with her for a drafting class. I've been working on a few designs to practice what I learned ( retention!) and hope to make one after finishing the pickled clamshells.

Speaking of those, I am approaching the halfway point on this project. So quick and easy, it's like potatos chips/crisps. Hopefully this will be ready for the frame around Christmas time. At this juncture I am undecided one quilting patterns. I want to do something more than ditch, but it might suit the simplicity of design best.

I did squeeze in a trip to the LQS with the kids. What a stress! The shop is usually my favorite place, but I cannot ever go alone. If I had the time I am ready to spend a bunch, but the amount that goes to the register is regulated by the kids behavior. I did get the fabric I needed for my classes in Houston.

That right folks! I am headed to Houston this year for the International Qult Festival. I'll be in town Wednesday-Sunday. My mom, who is a quilting wannabe, is tagging along to keep me straight. I also have a limited budget, so most of my time will be in classes or at the displays. I'm counting down. Kids and husband will be sticking it out together at home. Prayers appreciated.
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