Twister X-Mas Tree

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by , 11-21-2011 at 09:35 AM (1509 Views)
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A few month ago, someone here on the QB had posted a pict of a tree by using the twister tool. So I browsed the internet and tried to find a free pattern....didn't find one. Alright then....no pattern!
But I knew, how the twister tool works....so I took a very close look at the tree picts here on QB and started with my tree...and here is mine.
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  1. Quilter7x's Avatar
    NP3 has made a wreath with the that ruler, but I'm not sure if she did a tree. I do remember seeing it though and loved it!
  2. BeeNana's Avatar
    I found this on the search of 'twister christmas tree tutorial' I do know that someone made a graft of this maybe a month ago. Not the wreath but the tree. I will look some more.
  3. BeeNana's Avatar
    Here is another one that you can see that different design/colored fabric was used to give the tree some nice life!

    here is the graph of a quilt. Beware of the size of blocks when finished.
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  4. quilting Carol's Avatar
    I did one on the tree and the wreath. I find it hard to get around now that the changes have been made. I like the old better.

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