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Glad the dogs seem to be getting along.

To add a picture or scan:

Click on "Go Advanced" - blue rectangle - to the lower right of the reply box

Then another screen comes up
Scroll down a ways - then a tan bar shows up that says "Additional Options"

Under that is a blue rectangle that says "Manage Attachments" in it
Click on that

Then a pop-up appears in the upper left hand corner

If adding a picture or scan from your computer:
Click on "choose file"

Then select it however you do from your computer

Then the name of the image shows up beside "choose file"
THEN press "Upload"

Then when it's loaded, it shows up in that same drop down box as a "current attachment"
After you are done loading (up to ten) your attachment(s), there is a "close window" button at the bottom - press that and that drop down box disappears

Then the reply page appears - you can edit at this point -

I don't know what happens if one presses "preview"

Press "Submit Reply" - blue box at lower right at the bottom of the page

It is actually fairly easy - once one figures out HOW -
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  1. craftybear's Avatar
    Thanks for taking the time to write this up for all of us Great Job!

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