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I'm sewing again

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by , 11-26-2011 at 10:20 PM (603 Views)
Life has totally kicked my butt.

Left my husband and moved to a new town.

My son is in cub scouts - a weekly adventure in overstimulation.

My daughter is in girl scouts - a biweekly adventure trying to figure out when to serve dinner and still get the kids to bed on time.

Speaking of... what is bed time anymore? By Friday, my kids are running on fumes.

My boyfriend's farm kept me VERY busy all summer.

His daughter's mother passed away a couple months ago.

I'm a single mom and have my kids 24/7 95% of the time.

Sewing? What's that. I can't even find my sewing machine under all the school artwork, completed homework, school announcements, etc.

But the sister of an acquaintance asked me to make a quilt for her husband using his old camo. I spent the weekend cutting and piecing.

It felt so. good. So good.

Just a reminder to make time for myself.
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