Have you heard that JoAnn's fabric is poorer quality?

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I was taught by a few quilting friends to never buy fabric from JoAnn's or WalMart for quilting. They say that JoAnn's and WalMart buy "second and third runs" from the manufacturers, therefore the cotton is of poorer quality...lower thread count and less printing quality.

So I've never purchased fabric from anywhere but quilt shops. But I see that a lot of you purchase fabric at the discount stores.

Have you ever noticed a difference between quilt store fabric and discount store fabric? Thanks.
I have bought from Joann's for years. They do have mixed quality and you have to really look at all you buy for quality but they really have some good sales - especially if you want notions and other things.
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  1. lotus63000's Avatar
    I have no problem with joanne quality but I have noticed that wallmart's fabrics are cheaper but also thinner, the only way to afford quilting for myself is to watch my coupons,(on line and in the mail ) and shop joann
  2. Jingle's Avatar
    These are very popular 'stories'. Someone spreads these horrible lies every so often. I have lots of fabrics from Hobby Lobby, Jo Anns and Wal Mart. I do not buy from quilt shops, prices are way to high, the above stores have very good fabrics. If they aren't good enough for you, than don't buy them.
  3. jetayre's Avatar
    I have shopped at Joann's for years and find that if you pay attention to the fabric when you buy it, it is fine. They have the name brands, etc. Again feeling of fabric any where is a good idea.
  4. Just Jan's Avatar
    I love the prints from Hobby Lobby but have found many flaws in them. Since WalMart has redesigned their fabric depts. I refuse to buy their fabrics. Even their highest priced fabrics are a rip off. Medium quality for a too high price. Joann Fabrics and crafts now has a real mixture of qualities. Some are barely fit to bring home and others are great. We have a local quilt shop that sells some of the same Batik fabrics as Joanns, but is around $2.00 a yard cheaper and they also have a remnant table that is even cheaper. As for Joanns coupons they are a joke! Most items most can be found cheaper at regular price elsewhere, than when on sale at Joanns. For example their Ott Lite floor lamp was just on sale for around $87 and the regular price was listed at something like $125... but I just purchased the same identical lamp at Lowes for $49.95. My June Taylor Shape Cut from WalMart was $5 cheaper at regular price than at Joanns with a coupon. I got my portable Brother sewing machine over $50 cheaper. Also, Michaels is cheaper and honors Joanns sale coupons, too. Good place to buy quilt basting spray.
  5. cheleifet's Avatar
    I admit I am a fabric snob as my bestie pointed out. I am not a fan of Wal-Mart or JoAnn fabrics. Give me Moda or Michael Miller or Robert Kaufmann or a variety of others. However, I have bought some beautiful fabric from both places. I always wash those fabrics before using them in case the color runs or shrinks (and Karen told us to). Especially a red or bright. I've bought a few Hobby Lobby yards for bags. JoAnns has a few nice quilter fabrics, though. I try to use coupons and sales for backing fabrics. I usually judge fabric for the the feel of it. If it doesn't feel nice to touch I'd never want to give a quilt to someone if it's not cozy.
  6. lyndarva's Avatar
    The various grades of fabric have been explained to me directly by fabric manufacturers representatives. I have been in a major fabric company (not chain) that had two different grades of many fabrics in their store. Anyone who feels fabric over any length of time can tell the difference in quality fabrics.

    That being said, it isn't a matter of being a snob. If people want to sew with inexpensive fabrics or threads, that's fine. Many people, including me, have had our "uh huh" moment when we are sewing with inexpensive fabrics and spent a lot of time sewing, only to have the fabric not hold up. It is more embarrassing if it is a gift. The purpose of the fabric could be a detail to consider when purchasing any fabric.

    I know in many guild meetings, if you give cheap fabric in an exchange, it causes problems. I don't have a problem using Joann's Fabrics in a charity quilt or a teenager.
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