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by , 12-09-2011 at 11:48 AM (1049 Views)
We are multifunctional people but have a need to be neat and tidy. This has become a problem. I'm not sure where to even begin to explain the situation. Problem: my husband and I do not like living in separate parts of the house. He is a Xbox360 gamer/computer geek and I am a crafter/quilter. Needless to say, we both need space but without the clutter. He currently has 2 large monitors and getting a third. For me, if I work on anything, it's drag it all out, work a few minutes, put it all back away.. and so forth. This is something I really don't want to do if I can help it.

Our oldest is out of the nest, which leaves 4 still at home (15, 14, 12, 7). One solution is to put all 4 boys upstairs which would leave 2 small rooms downstairs. Problem: they are getting up in years with very diverse personalities. It's not as easy as putting 2 little ones together. In addition, one of the small rooms which the youngest is in at this point, is our "safe room" (no windows) for emergencies.

The room we are using now for both of our hobbies and living room is a 20x20 room. This is the room we are attempting to de-clutter. We have another room which is 14x17 which is currently being used as a den. (TV, XBox, brick fireplace) We also have a treadmill in the den which we are moving to the upstairs part of the garage. The den is visible no matter how you enter our home so needs to stay presentable.

I suppose I am just rambling but as my mother would say if she was with us, "everything has it's place and space." When I get my house cleaned up, I will post pics to better explain. It's not really dirty, just not to my liking to be taking pics, lol.

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  1. Sheepshed's Avatar
    Make the den into your sewing room and the 20x20 into living room and *live with it*.. Put a curtain across the doorway or archway if you wish to hide it from visitors or just wave to the sewing room as you go by. It sounds like the house is a good size...

    Alternative #2, use the *saferoom* for a sewing room, or most of the sewing stuff, put the sewing machine in the family room along with the computers and tvs... its for *living*.

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