Block of the month paper piecing help???

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by , 12-19-2011 at 04:12 AM (745 Views)
I'm not familar with the board but a couple of days ago I came across a post of someone starting a block of the month paper was a church, one was a farmhouse....I don't know it it was an old post or if they were starting a new block of the month or if it was old? Would like to try it and now I can't find where on the board I was to find it again. Any help would be appreciated....thanks much....
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  1. cherylmae's Avatar
    Hi, that is this years BOM at the 1st of each month by Sulabug. Go into BOMs and you can find all of them, each month.
  2. Joycoy's Avatar
    Thanks so - what is a BOMs? How do I find that? I am REALLY new at this board but like it very much!!
  3. Krisb's Avatar
    Go to "Home", then to the Block of the Month section.

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