Happy New Year.....

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by , 12-30-2011 at 07:04 AM (1283 Views)
Hope the New year starts off another great quilting year for us. It is looking good so far. The new year will start off for me trying to get my left elbow replaced so I can get back to sewing. It's amazing how not one of hte referrals has called me back yet. So in the new year I will be on the phone myself.

This morning I took Bella and Tigger in to be fixed. Notail was supposed to go and she snuck out and was eating with the others so she could not go. I think she knew this would save her this time. The other two will be ready this afternoon.

My mom and her fella, Murray, who has Pacreatic cancer are going on a cruise in January with my SIs and BIL. It is too spread out for surgery or chemo so he is going to take one day at a time. The cruise is something they have always done each year. I hope he has lots of days to come. They have been together 19 years.

I was given a Gift of six months to so the last few nights I have been watching all the shows and even playing with the quilt puzzles, joined a few contests to win, and still have so much to see on it. I think it is worth it now that I have high speed too. Thank you my Quilting Angel. I am enjoying this.

*H*A*P*P*Y* *N*E*W* *Y*E*A*R*
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  1. zipit's Avatar
    I still simply love NoTail. Tatum tried to jump up to where Dave had put her food as I was getting ready to put her in her kennel to go for her dental cleaning. I am glad that she wasn't able to make it because I found out at her appointment that her chip could not be read. I took Hyde in when I picked Tatum up to make sure that it wasn't just a chip failure and hers could not be read. Taking her in as well made for a very expensive visit because she got her physical and shots as well.

    I am really upset with the vet that did the chip. I got them both rabies shots, a physical and chipped. The chips he used can't be read by the more common scanners. Shelters probably have one that would read them but I know I would try a vet before I took an animal I found to a shelter. Now I have to have both cats chipped again. I want to make as sure as I can that they will be able to get back home should they get lost.

    Isn't it amazing what all we do for our little creatures?

    I hope you'll be able to find a doctor soon. I'd like to see you sew at the retreats!

    I have a membership to and I do enjoy it. The current show with Eleanor Burns is really very interesting. I find her to be such a kind lady. She's right up there with Pam Damour (not a quilter - in my book. So helpful and encouraging. It is refreshing to see people that want you to succeed and not just sell you product.

    Best the day has to offer to all!
  2. debbieumphress's Avatar
    Hi Zipit....I have already watched the Eleanor one. Even had to do the strip dance with her. I also have a boa that I got at one of her Houston classes. I have enjoyed the menership and will get every minutes worth of the 6 months. Still have the three free past shows to use. They are under my account. Cool.

    As far as the chips, I am having charms made for all the cats with my phone number on it. Cheaper than chips. Turns out , yours aren't the only ones that aren't working. We had three dogs with them and none of them read when they wondered off. They used the phone number to call me. Easier. Most non-pet owners will call rather than take time out of their day to go to the vet. I agree we pay a lot to have our pets cared for. But, when mine sleep next to me and share hugs and kisses...wellll.......I have money for that......and fabric too. LOL.
  3. debbieumphress's Avatar
    I also watched Rickey Timm's christmas concert for an hour today. Such a talent on the piano and his first recital he was 5 yrs old on an organ. Wow. He is quite an accomplished piano master. You should watch it too. Half way down the front page.

    I have good news....I think.
    I found a doctor who will work out of the Weatherford ,Texas Health Science center and do the elbow replacement surgery out of Texas Health care in Ft. Worth. I specifically asked if he did elbow replacements, even told me how it was done. I am pleased. So appt is Jan6th.....Taking all my tests and reports, etc with me. So new year is starting off good. I am also taking pictures printed out on 4 x 6 showing them how the elbow swells and how big it gets.....Also have to show protecall for everything I have had done to it up to now. Easy. So......yippee.....
  4. debbieumphress's Avatar
    Leiladylei54 was posting on my old PDA so I answered her there too. She is still enjoying the swaps here. This is a good board for lots of swaps and great hostesses for them......I actually looked at sales and put in a request to buy 9-half yards of black and white fabrics for 20.00. Just what I need for a project I am thinking about. She also had 1ydsa of 9 fabrics for 40.00.

    I am thinking the sales section is not as changed as everyone thinks. Prices are still exactly at what I sold for to begin with.....duh......... Boxes of large scraps sell fro more than what I offered them for. matter....I am done selling.....I am buying again to fill my new bins and fq shelves. Newer and nicer fabrics.

    I just rec'd an order in from another board and got 8 different Oriental fabrics for 4.00/yd. I have a picture too. But the camera is in the back and I'm not. lol
  5. debbieumphress's Avatar
    I just got a call from Cowboy Country Vet and both cats are starting to wake up with no problems or complications. I always tear up when they call....I love my babies. So I go get them at 3:30 and take Annabelle to have her stitches taken out. I could do's funny when it is family or our own pets....hurts me too. Good news. Next ones goe January 13th - 3 of them. I'll decide which ones. Thinking Notail, Lil Gal and Pink.
    I love that now they have their current shots and blood work and are now fixed.
  6. debbieumphress's Avatar
    All cats are home and doing great. Annabelle, Bella and Tigger are on my bed sleeping. Had to put Notail outside a while because she is jumping all over Tigger and playing rough. Sweet little bad...LOL. Everyone have a great evening. I'm off to read and finish a good book.

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