January 2, 2012

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by , 01-02-2012 at 09:31 AM (1204 Views)
Strange writing that date.

I am trying to learn my way around more. I did a lot of it in the past few months. Still posting on my PDA....why not? People still posting me there. LOL. But this year is going to be a positive one, I am going to make it so.
Joanieu just got here so we are going to have a good visit. She has the day off. Yippee....

I met #1piecemaker when I bought some fabric from her sale. She's been here a while but our paths just crossed. She sounds great.
Also Sewbeadit.......sent me a pm. I love meeting new members.

All the cats are doing great after their surgeries. A little too playful for me. I think Bella can go out tomorrow, Abby Notail already goes out a while and comes in. Annabelle was out yesterday. At least now, no more babies. I had to fix them because I would have had hundreds. I love my furbabies. But I thinka 100 lbs of catfood and 100 of dogfood is plenty to buym, and birdseed, etc. And it's almost time to start buying new bulbs to plant.

Each year I plant two new ones and year to year my garden grows.

Lab55 sent me pumpkin seeds to plant this year. I'm going to give it a try. I made her pumpkin bread for christmas and omgosh.....can't keep that around often. And NP3 sent me persimmon goodies, those were delicious too.

Time to watch my diet again.....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I like the seafood diet....I see food and I eat it. My kinf od diet. the 6 bibs you sent me. Awesome. I know the identical twins due in February will make use of those. You rock....Thank you.
Also thanks to Beenana, Lab55, and Katyquilter......HUGS♥♥
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  1. np3's Avatar
    I have been making pulp from persimmons all week. I'll have to make some fresh cookies and send them to you. I know the delay in shipping made the others.......not fresh!

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