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Today at 4:38 am

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by , 01-04-2012 at 02:56 AM (879 Views)
I am up and sewing the boarders on my NYE mystery quilt. Having coffee, checking facebook and reading board posts. It is cold, well 39. I have been sad because I had to sell my car. I should've before now but I thought I'd get a job much easier. It is a good thing, I've just never been without my own car. ( Whine ) My husband has a truck, so that will have to do. I did get more than I owed on it, so that was good.
Other than that. Over the weekend I saw a couple ads on Craigslist. One to someone wanting to buy "Rock Band" and someone needing fabric. So on Saturday we met the couple in Pauls Valley OK and sold our "rock band" for $75 and the next day...We met another couple at the Homeland around the block and I gave her some fabric, a lot of fabric. So, I'm thinking we did a good thing and Paid It Forward. They were from Choctaw, OK. She had lost her job.
A few of my friends have been sick, a virus. My Grandaughter is staying with us until Friday when she returns to school. Friday, that's weird ! I'm gonna try this blog thing, since it says I already have one. I will post the mystery quilt when I put the other boarder on.
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  1. carolaug's Avatar
    it just warmed up to 10 degrees here...brrr....

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