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Making progress on my quilt top.

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by , 02-02-2012 at 06:06 AM (1017 Views)
I have all the HSTs sewn and ironed. Last night I trimmed the dog ears off each one and tried to organize them by color. I placed the first two rows on my cutting table in the order I want them. Tonight I will square the HSTs and sew some of them together.

It's a quiet day at work today. Both my bosses are out of the office, one is working in another state and another is off using personal time. And my co-worker that shares my space is out today as well.

I tested my Singer 15-91 the other night and had some tensions problems with it. I printed the manual I have for it yesterday and I have see what needs adjusting. I also have to raise the machine off the table some because the gear on the bottom of the machine is bumping the table everytime it turns. I'm going to raise it off the table with some boards for now. I'll see about making a box for it later.

I'm hoping I make some serious progress on my quilt top this weekend. I don't have anything else planned so I should have plenty of time to devote to it Saturday and Sunday.

Have a sweet Thursday. {{{HUGS}}}
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  1. erstan947's Avatar
    Sounds like you are going to have a perfect "Super Bowl" weekend
  2. Judith1005's Avatar
    Excellent Quiet Day at Work? Or at least it sounded like it. Good luck with your quilt. Can't wait to see pictures. Have a good weekend.

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