Joann's Flyer - Crazy Bicycle Frame

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by , 02-09-2012 at 07:36 AM (1281 Views)
Moedeenie (aka Maureen) pointed out the crocheted bicycle frame cover on the front of the latest Joann mailer. It is hilarious!

I told her that it reminded me of
the Purple People - Adam and Eve Purple - who used to run a famous community garden in NYC. They used to ride around on bicycles that looked like that except all purple with many decorations. Here's a link to a YouTube video if you're interested

We were kindred spirits, I guess. When I lived in NYC I had several "stealth" gardens including one veggie patch right in front of Madison Square Garden! When I moved to Long Island I eventually found myself building a community garden in the grassy strip in the middle of the road. It was a fascinating project and served as the topic of my thesis - "Community Gardening and Social Cohesion"

Anyway, it had a good run of ten years and one day I looked out the window and saw that the city decided to plow it down. I was pretty upset, especially since I was the director of public relations at the time. But ... life goes on. I got over it.

A couple of years ago I decided I was tired of paying way too much to keep my weedy front lawn green. I ripped up all the grass and planted a fruit and vegetable garden.

Back to the Purple People - while my front yard garden isn't purple, I do remember them and as you pass by you'll see garden stakes painted purple, sky blue and turquoise with bits and pieces of quilting strips fluttering in the wind.
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  1. Moedeenie's Avatar
    Thanks for adding to your Blog! Again, I was very moved by the compelling video you shared and your plight as well! I've spend the morning trying to wrap my mind around this devastation...needless to say, I cannot understand the reasoning behind this but I have been inspired to try to design a New York Beauty wallhanging using purple and garden/herb themed fabrics and of course, Purple Yarn! I will keep you posted!

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