Ollie man came to play..

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by , 01-23-2012 at 08:37 PM (969 Views)
This is a short addition with a new photo of Ollie..I just wanted to add one more photo of our little bronco riding Ollie man.. Well, looking at him sitting there on the floor with his rattle, and little arm in the air, it looks like he is holding onto a saddle, and riding a rockin' bronco or something.. I am still not over being sick, and sore with these ribs, and bronchial stuff - thats why I haven't posted until tonight.. sorry about that...

Though I am still not up to par on feeling good, or having alot of my normal enthusiasm, Ollie decided to come play with his Mema today.. So we played with his new favorite sock monkey toy thing that rattles, shakes, and growls ( actually Ollie growls as he shakes, rattles and rolls! ).. but mostly, like every little boy, he wanted to eat the poor monkey.. and by the end of the 2 hour visit this afternoon, that little guy, AND the monkey were soaking wet all down the front.. ( also known as " teething" )

But overall , he is growing like a weed, and though he is almost 16 months old now ( I think? ) , he is still only 20 pounds but in length, he is far above average his specialist has said. But what can I say, his daddy is 6'2ish, so thats all good, right?

Anyway, the specialist, due to Ollie's diagnosis of Optic Nerve Hypoplasia , said she wants mommy/ daddy to put oil, butter, cream ( REAL stuff ) in most of his foods , so they can get him fattened up.. Ok, well, seeing our little man, and holding our little man, there is NO way he is underweight.. he has rolls on rolls on his legs, tummy, arms/wrists - so whats up with that is what we don't understand.. But, she's got the medical bills , and the degree, so they do what they have been instructed - though maybe the doc needs to see Ollie more than every few months now so she can see how chuncky he really is getting.

Another mile stone though for all you quilting angels who have loved on him since he was born... He now knows his name, though he doesn't speak.. We say his name to him, over and over again ,while we take his hand and beating on his chest like Tarzan.. and each time now, especially with his daddy, he bangs his ..head, not his chest, and wiggles all over while we keep saying " yes, you are Ollie"... anyway, that's after doing the normal " recognition stuff " for each one of us - we all are different in what we say, or do with him to recognize each of us - with me, I let him take his hand, and run it over my face with my glasses on while I sing (err, croaking ) " You are my Sunshine" with lyrics that are exclusively his - ( mostly because I don't know all the words I guess, so i made them up .

Anyway, here are just a few pictures of today when he was busy chewing on Mr Monkey.. Ps. Notice the little blanket Ollie is sitting on? that was made by one of you quilting angels, also knows as Michele ( "Agape Love" ).. He loves it Michelle! Name:  167.JPG
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  1. erstan947's Avatar
    Sweet photos
  2. zkosh's Avatar
    So precious! He must be learning so much. How great that he knows his name. A sweet happy boy!
  3. karen924's Avatar
    What a cutie. And he knows his name?! It must be so much fun being there for his milestones!
  4. aneternalpoet's Avatar
    It is so special, yes, to be here when he is doing so many new things - with the limitations our little guy has physically, and visiually, every little one is huge to us as we see him changing..

    Quote Originally Posted by karen924
    What a cutie. And he knows his name?! It must be so much fun being there for his milestones!

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