Feb 23

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by , 02-23-2012 at 08:56 AM (1431 Views)
What a month I am having....but it's not unusual. LOl

My mom needs to have heart surgery and her aortic valve replaced so waiting on date for that.
BIL was admitted to hospital with bleeding in his colon.

But being positive all will work out.

Going to retreat March 9,10 11 at Alfords Inn. Won it at a quilt show fro half price. Have two openings left.

I came yesterday and see I have my Qillow Beauty featured on the front page. That tickled me. I love that quilt. Thank you for whoever choses them.

Have a great week everyone, I'll try to get back more.
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  1. All Thumbs's Avatar
    Hey there Deb - it is so hard for me to find and follow you. Each time I come back on Board, I have lost you once again. You certainly have had a bad turn of events all the way around. My best wishes to your family members who need it most. Keeping positive is the only way to go and when you get down, a sewing machine visit is always in order. Take care. A fellow Project Linus blanketeer is thinking about you.

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