What tread is best to use

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by , 11-14-2011 at 09:07 AM (570 Views)
I am finding my old Walmart thread is pretty shameful at times...who knows what is a good brand of thread to sew on quilt tops so I can start switching out my old stuff to new better thread. Thanks for all input!
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  1. Iraxy's Avatar
    I like to use Gutterman. It does not leave so much lint in my machine. I usually buy it when it is on sale at either JoAnn's or Hancocks. Then it becomes priced just about the same as W-M. I also use Mettler. I have made some pretty nice quilts with W-M thread though. Good luck on your search.
  2. Jupiter's Avatar
    Guttermans is good... and JoAnn's always has coupons available and sometimes even offer it for half price. I liked that for a while. Then I discovered Aurifil thread. It is 100% cotton, even less lint than Guitermanns. It is made in Italy, I think. I get it at my quilt store. It starts out at a highter price, but there is so much yardage on each spool that I suspect it is less that Guitermans.

    Sign up for JoAnn coupons on line as well as their regular mailing list. That way you get double the amount of coupons... and yes, you can use them all at the same shopping trip.
  3. bjhumes's Avatar
    Thanks! OK Wonder if Hobby Lobby has it...we don't have JoAnn's here but do by our house in Atlanta. I think there is a Hancock's here but I have not found it.

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