My 'new' Singer 301A LBOW

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by , 03-26-2012 at 08:51 AM (1188 Views)
On my quest to find a vintage singer that I could just set up, plug in and start sewing (no repairs), I have purchased another vintage singer machine, a 301A LBOW.

I had read up on the 301 long before I had ever seen this ad on Craigslist so once I saw the ad, I went to check it out. This machine belonged to the seller's mom (they all belonged to someone's mom at some point, right?) who had passed away over one year ago so the seller brought it to his home from Arkansas and sat it in his garage all that time. In the CL pics, the machine looked to be in good shape but the cabinet needed some TLC which is right up my alley. I really like refinishing furniture.

The machine works but it is really dirty and full of lint. Gotta clean it up really good before I use it. The cabinet, however, needs a complete makeover. I am working on it now and then on to my machine. I have been reading lots of information on restoring vintage machines so I am ready to tackle.

These are the CL pics, the before pics. I am trying to remember to take pics along the way of restoring the cabinet and getting the machine ready. The cabinet is almost finished so i will post pics of it soon.

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