Ditter's string quilt

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Now you need to prepare your joining strips. These are cut on the straight grain of your fabric. For the strips to join the back cut your strips 1 1/8"
For the strip to join the front sides together, cut the strip 1 3/4". The 1 3/4" strip is then folded lengthwise and pressed.
Lay your blocks out in the order you want to sew them together to make the pattern you choose. Watch the orientation of each block before you sew to make sure it is right. Place a strip of the 1 1/4" back strip under the edge of the block, right sides together, matching edges. Lay your folded strip along the top edge, cut edges to the edge of the block.
I didn't pin, but if it makes it easier for you, by all means pin them together.
Sew along the edge with 1/4" seam. An accurate seam size is important here.
Next, trim the strip to the block length and turn to the back. Smooth the seam line with your finger, then finger press the fabric strip open and turn back to the front.
Take you next block, making sure it is in the correct position, turn it over and place it so the edges line up with the strip sewn to the back.
Sew the 1/4" seam along the edge. Now turn you block back to the front.
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