Finishing 301A cabinet

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by , 04-06-2012 at 08:43 AM (1253 Views)
After several days, I have finally finished the cabinet for my 301A. When I picked it up from the seller, most of the finished and varnish had peeled away after being stored in the garage for over 1 year. I scraped the peeling varnish off and used a vintage furniture restorer to remove the rest. I sanded the cabinet, remeoved the cobwebs and applied a golden pecan stain to it. I like the final result but that one drawer (the lighter one) needs some more work. I worked to remove the prior finished before I stained it but it does not look like it worked. So I will take it outside and work on it again once I start on cleaning the sewing machine.

before pics:
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after pics:
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  1. Charlee's Avatar
    That looks *REALLY* nice!!

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