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rryder 12-16-2020 08:59 AM

IQA closing for good
Hey all, IQA just sent a note around to all members saying they are disbanding. They are yet another casualty of COVID. Sorry to see them disbanding.


quiltsRfun 12-16-2020 09:24 AM

??? Iqa ???

leaha 12-16-2020 11:25 AM

IQA????? in the dark here

mindless 12-16-2020 01:55 PM

International Quilt Association

maryb119 12-20-2020 04:12 PM

I loved going to that show when it was in Rosemont IL.

juliasb 12-21-2020 10:02 AM

Wow, https://cdn.quiltingboard.com/images/smilies/frown.png such a great loss. No one would have thought all these things would be happening.

quiltingshorttimer 12-27-2020 05:20 PM

they have also been responsible for the judged portion of the International Quilt Festival in Houston--read that the International Quilt Fest will work around this and have judged portion, but still....so sad to see so many large shows decide not to continue. Guess it shows how thin of margin the profits were on these shows.

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