I'm planning to give it ot my mother as thier decoration are down south and they are not going down there this year so she will have a nice skirt to put around her tree. I have several others that I have made. A couple of years ago I made a flying geese one and I use that one and it is so pretty too. I don't think it is all that hard to do. You make 6 stradas but you have to stagger 3 to the right and 3 to the laft( it looks like steps) to get the angles of the stripes in the wedges and then following the instructions, you sew two wedges at a timne together and then lay them out and sew the rest together. Leave one seam open. Then I put the backing down and then the top on top of that right sides together and then the batting and then pinned it and sew it and left an opeing on the straight seam for turning and then I turned it. You can quilt it or not quilt it. Using invisiable thread is great you can see it so the quilt looks great. Have a great day, Huggies, Fay